What if your advertising person was also one of your customers? A guy who has restored two Trans-Ams and three GTOs. Russell PriceSomeone who understands the benefits of an aluminum driveshaft. The rare individual who can define “camshaft specifications” and “brand positioning” equally well. That person is me, Russell Price.

You see, before I was an ad guy, I was a car guy. First Hot Wheels,® then electric racing sets, and eventually models. And I can’t forget the go-cart. (I used 2×4 planks salvaged from my dad’s garage and the wheels from an old trike.) It was my first racecar. But certainly far from my last.

When I turned 15, I started working at the local A&P to save up for my first car. The minute I got my license, I snapped up a 1968 GTO. What a thrill. It didn’t take long for me to start modifying and racing. I was totally hooked.

Somewhere along the line, I discovered that I had a talent for drawing. So in the late ‘70s, I parked my Goat and headed off to art school. After graduating, I found my second passion when I landed a job in advertising as an art director. It was creative, exciting and competitive. Not unlike restoring cars and racing. After work, I continued to modify my first GTO, as well as restore two additional GTOs and two Trans Ams. (Along the way, I met and married a very understanding woman.)

After several years of producing award-winning campaigns for other agencies, I decided to open my own in the early ‘90s. I worked hard developing my client list, and learned what it took to run a business. I also continued to work in larger agencies as a subcontractor, managing the creative needs of a multi-billion dollar retailer.

With a new family, my own business and an all-consuming hobby, life was good. Yet, in the back of my mind, I itched to combine my passion for autos and ads. I knew there was a need for someone like me in the automotive world. Someone who completely understands the market you are trying to reach and knows how to reach them. So I made the decision to specialize.

As an active NHRA® member who fully appreciates all forms of racing, and as an enthusiast who has restored and modified five autos, I’m the ideal person to help you with any or all of your communication needs. Whether you manufacture, fabricate or distribute parts, build engines or supervise racing, Price Communication ArtsPCA Helmet is the agency that understands every nut and bolt of your business. We invite you to explore our site and see what we are all about. Then give us a call at 773-924-1498 and we’ll chat about your business goals and how we can help you achieve them.